Monday, March 17, 2008

Burned the Samosas

Bento  03/17/08

Left: Broccoli stalks, two TJ's samosas with a dorky smile made from cheese scraps. Right: Salad with cheese/carrot flowers. TJ's blueberry breakfast bar. Dark chocolate chunks and roasted almonds.

Sadly I cannot recommend the Trader Joe's samosas. Too many carrots and untraditional things in there, and not enough potato -- in my opinion. (These were the frozen varienty, comes 6 in a box.) I burned the first two, trying to cook them in the special box in the microwave PER THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE BOX...lots of smoke came out of the microwave when "done". It's a miracle our touchy fire alarm didn't go off. It might be because I tried to cook two instead of all six at once. Anyway, those two turned black as coal -- inedible!

BUT -- I'm happy that I finally figured out the settings on our camera. Even though I wasn't happy with the lunch, I think the photo is clearer than my latest bento photos. My hubby had been playing with the camera settings and I didn't know it! So my previous photos for 2008 are rather inconsistent in color/clarity/graininess...ha! Now I know how to reset the camera, so I'm hoping to improve my photos.


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