Friday, September 12, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some bento-making questions that people often ask me.

How do you fill those little fish bottles with sauce?

It's all about the suction! To fill the fish, take the cap off and squeeze the fish to remove air. Then place the tip of the fish in the sauce (such as soy sauce), and release the pressure of your fingers. The suction will pull the sauce into the fish. (You might need to pour some sauce into a small bowl to accomplish this.) Cleaning the fish is easy -- you just squeeze the fish several times in some soapy water, then squeeze several times in clean water to rinse. This method also works with other small plastic sauce bottles.

Where do you buy your bento gear?

I've had difficulties finding Bento supplies in my area, so I usually turn to eBay. Here are two eBay stores where I've bought bento boxes and supplies:
Bentos and Beyond
Bento Obento Shop

I've also purchased bento boxes from

We own three Lock & Lock containers (so far!) --- we got two of them from H-Mart and one of them at Target. I've also seen Lock & Lock containers in Walmart.

How big are the Lock & Lock containers that you use?

Our smallest, with two removable compartments, is 550ml / 19OZ / 0.58QT.
The next size is the square one with four removable compartments, which is 870ml / 29OZ / 0.9QT.
Our largest one has two removable compartments, and one of the compartments is sub-divided. It is 800ml / 27OZ / 0.85QT.

Where else can I go to learn about making bento lunches?

Lunch in a Box by Biggie has a ton of tutorials, tips, and recipes. She also has an extensive Lunch Links list where you can find more bento blogs, resources, and online communities.

Just Bento is another great bento blog with recipes and more.

Cooking Cute was the first bento site I discovered, and I've learned so much from the tutorials there. Especially how to make gyoza!


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