Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Apple Hearts
Today's bento for Sheu:

Bento 02/12/07 #1

Top: Apple hearts, carrot flowers, kiwi slices (hidden under the apples), mini sandwiches of pumpernickel, ham, swiss, & cream cheese.

Bottom: Saffron rice, zesty lemon chicken, broccoli, carrot garnish.

And one for me:

Bento 02/12/07 #2

Saffron rice, asparagus, cucumbers and kiwi with carrot butterflies, three homemade veggie patties, broccoli, boiled egg. I forgot to put my sauce containers in there before taking the photo! A-1 sauce goes well on the veggie patties.

UPDATE: I actually should have said "yesterday's bento", because these were our Monday lunches. (since I posted so late, the post is dated Tuesday) Why the clarification? Because Monday night, Sheu proposed! And of course I said YES!! I didn't mention it until now because I wanted to tell family first... Anyway, the photo of his bento above will always have special meaning to me. :D


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