Thursday, February 1, 2007

Late For Work Bento

I was really, REALLY running late for work this time, and hadn't planned to make a bento at all, and look what happened anyway. I threw it together in five minutes and it was actually pretty good!

Top: Mango slices and strawberries, Newman's Own Ginger-O's cookies.

Bottom: Tofu Fish Sticks, broccoli and carrots. Not pictured: a container of ketchup for the tofu.

I had made the Tofu Fish Sticks the night before, for the first time. It's a recipe from Vegan Lunch Box. They turned out sooooo well! I was very pleasantly surprised! Very easy recipe (if you have a food processor) and very tasty. They go well with ketchup.

You can get the recipe for Tofu Fish Sticks here. Highly recommended! Note: I used milk in place of the soy milk that the recipe calls for.

I blanched a big batch of broccoli earlier in the week and keep it in a container in the fridge. It's easy to throw some in a bento or stir-fry. I've read that some vitamins might be leached out from blanching, but I think it's better than eating no broccoli at all! (for me, crispy blanched broccoli is easier to eat than dry, hard, raw broccoli)


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