Sunday, March 4, 2007

Guest Bento: Cute Onigiri

Here are a couple of bentos that Brenda made last week. Yum!

Here is Brenda's description:

First is a goodluck Bento for [your] Dad. I made the onigiri? spelling? with a Shamrock cookie cutter. and used nori in my paper punch, it is sitting in a bed of spinach and alfalfa sprouts. The heart is a pickled beet and two pieces of candied ginger. The second Bento is a onigiri shaped by hand from directions out of my new Bento Book called Bento Boxes: Japanese Meals on the Go by Naomi Kijima and Laura Driussi. The onigiri is surround by verte mar beans from my garden. The fruit is kiwi,clementine sections and frozen wild huckleberries. The squash is out of the freezer, I had so much that I steamed a lot of it and froze it. Crushed red pepper is on the top. These were a lot of fun to do!. love b


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