Saturday, September 4, 2010

Small Containers for Bento

Small Containers for Bento

Since having a baby, I haven't been making many bento lunches. But I have been collecting these baby food containers for when I start making bentos again. I thought they might be useful for dividing foods, or for dips and sauces. Each container is about 3" wide at the top.

The top round one is a Motts applesauce container. It came in a six-pack -- these containers don't have lids.

The left round one is a Target Up&Up brand baby food container (this one held pureed peaches). It is very sturdy and has a sturdy lid. It came in a two pack for 82 cents at Target.

The right square one is a Gerber baby food container with lid. It is not as sturdy as the Up&Up container, but the square shape could be useful. It came in a two-pack for 96 cents at Walmart.

(I had actually planned to make all our baby food, but ended up supplimenting with storebought food after I started working again.)


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